Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What Skills Does a Kennel Master Course Teach?

“Taking care of a K9 unit takes a lot more skill and effort than taking care of your average pet. That's why we offer specialized courses for those professionals who are charged with looking after canines.” - Brad Croft

Being a kennel master isn't easy. Kennel masters need to know a lot more than just how to handle a service dog. Dog handlers themselves need to know a lot of information. Kennel masters need to know even more. If you are a kennel master, you will need to know how to oversee an entire work dog program.

From feeding and proper handling, to learning how to design and manage a kennel, a kennel master course can impart a wide range of skills. Kennel masters must shoulder a lot of responsibility as they are essentially program managers. As such, it is especially vital that they be well trained and that they know how to handle essentially any situation.

Dogs are very complex creatures and have a wide variety of needs. In order to ensure that a dog is working at its maximum efficiency, it must be well fed, rested, and trained. By completing a kennel master course, you'll be able to upgrade your own skills so that you'll be able to more effectively care for your canines. This program is essential, and often required, for people who will be put in charge of a K9 program.

Further, while dogs are man's best friend, they aren't quite human. Dogs have different needs than us, but they can't communicate with us, at least not directly through language. A kennel master course will teach you how to understand the needs of your dogs and how to read any signals they may be trying to send you. Learning to understand your canines could prove essential to safeguarding their well-being.

So, if you are going to be put in charge of a K9 program, you should closely consider a kennel master course. These courses are quite long as they are very intensive. A program usually takes 10 weeks to complete. While the program is indeed very long and intensive, we work hard to ensure that we are using your time efficiently. We know that you're a busy professional, so we make sure that our course is designed with effectiveness in mind.

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