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Brad Croft San Antonio - Brad Croft San Antonio

Brad Croft San Antonio - Brad Croft San Antonio

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Brad Croft San Antonio

If you are the business owner of a large school, mall, and bank or manage security at a learning institution it is highly recommended for you to have an explosive search dog. Brad Croft San Antonio lays it out plain and square that in the case of misfortune occurrence such as a terrorist attack, such public places are the most susceptible to attack. One should be able to protect those under their care, clients or students by employing the services of these lethal and highly effective canines that have undergone specialized training.

Brad Croft San Antonio repeatedly states that there exists no better way of one finding weapons and explosives than through a well-trained search dog. We further say that when it comes to pat-downs, machines and that sort of equipment, their efficiency is not guaranteed. The same applies to just how effective they are. So for that reason as long as one is mandated with the oversight of a public area, they should be able to ensure that all necessary measures of alleviating a potential terror threat are adhered to protect the lives of pedestrians, students, customers as well as the ordinary citizens who might be caught up in the cross-fire.

At Brad Croft San Antonio the leading dog handling training is one of the services on offer. There is an extensive knowledge on just how effective a canine can turn out to be, which largely depends on the expertise of the dog handler. In the case that you had in mind the idea of getting a search dog for your place, at least train one of your employees if not yourself on handling the canine. After one has been exposed to all our top-class search canines, workshops and training programs, they are good to go.

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Bradley Croft San Antonio

Bradley Croft San Antonio
Bradley Croft San Antonio

Many might wonder how a man with no prior military exposure or police duty is able to nurture some the most effective canines in high demand and in use everywhere. Brad had an opportunity to train with exceptional Civilian Police K-9 units as well MWD trainers. With the knowledge ready-hand he is quite capable to mold those dogs under his care quite easily.Whatever the purebred dogs are capable of doing, those universal K-9 dogs are capable of matching it, if not exceeding altogether. Through his organization Bradley Croft San Antonio turns destitute canines into super dogs.

Nowadays with security concerns at the fingertips of every law enforcement agency worldwide, all necessary steps have to be taken to prevent misfortune and alleviate the loss of human life. A good way would be through the use of these nurtured dogs. They are able to track scent, detect explosions, and detect drugs among other outstanding capabilities. 

Bradley Croft SanAntonio and all the like-minded stakeholders are contributing to a vast societal community transformation by being heartily enough to rescue innocent dogs. At the same time police departments can save on resources through the dog donations provided to them. There are cases hereby some of the police officers and their families get really acquainted with these dogs and develop strong bonds. Brad does not stop there as his organization also offers training for dogs so as to offer personal security. Home or business owners can no longer be dismayed as they will have watchful eyes and ears around to readily avail protection. 

Not only are the dogs trained for protection purposes at Bradley Croft San Antonio but they are also capable of being petted. Indeed if everyone only shared his vision that the world can be better if only we all applied a little more effort, we would reap the fruits.

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Brad Croft San Antonio

We can finally commend humanity for its consideration and good will once more, all thanks to BradCroft San Antonio, Texas, USA. No longer will people have to be concerned about dogs being put down in inhumane ways. There are lots of organizations out there that have tasked themselves with ending this to no avail. However, Brad Croft has been the salvation of these helpless destitute canines. The state security authorities no longer have to go to an unnecessary expenditure of training dogs in Europe despite them. The period in which these dogs are trained lasts for about eight weeks or even more to get nothing less than perfection from these canines.  Not only are these dogs being saved from the wild but are also of much benefit to the police force when donated to enhance their delivery of service.
Brad Croft SanAntonio uses the universal K9 organization to provide assistance to the helpless dogs turning them instantly into super dogs ready to combat crime. Despite the training of these dogs having a lot of military dimensions, Brad himself is an ex-serviceman but has had the opportunity to train with the best of the MWD trainers for that reason he is capable of training with ease.

Whether training is required on explosion detection, drug's detection or the tracing of scent, all this can qualities can be attested to the canines at Brad Croft San Antonio. The universal K-9 dogs have the capability of doing everything that the purebreds are capable of, if not better. Nowadays, security is a subject of major concern worldwide in this case it will only be logical for all concerned stakeholders to ensure that they take all the necessary precaution measures in their power. Keeping a trained dog within the house, at command or in a vehicle could just be what might save you from a yet to happen misfortune.

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Faith in Humanity Restored By One Man Who Became the Change

Brad Croft San Antonio
Brad Croft San Antonio
The process of sheltering homeless and orphaned dogs is not good and has been distressing everyone who is aware of this practice, especially since the way of putting these dogs down is in many ways less than human. There have been a number of organizations which have been trying to put an end to this but most of the time they have failed miserably. But Brad Croft San Antonio, through his organization Universal K9 has brought a ray of hope for these helpless dogs.

Story unfolds...
For a long time US police departments have been using purebred dogs especially trained at Europe for tracking, which cost the police departments thousands of dollars every year. While in the States, so many dogs were being killed. Purebred dogs were supposed to possess special qualities that these normal dogs lacked.

What Brad Croft did is he took a number of dogs from a shelter in South and trained them with the help of his talented and hardworking staff with a military background, thus proving that every dog is as hardworking and efficient as those over-hyped purebreds. It takes around 8weeks or more to get these dogs trained to perfection. Moreover, after the completion of the training these dogs are delivered to the police departments for free.

This way, Brad Croft is not only saving the dogs but is also doing the police departments a great favour. Over hundreds of dogs have been saved in this manner.To prove how good these dogs are at what they do Brad and his company took his dogs Gorilla tracking where they were easily able to track the biggest Gorilla ever. Brad is so proud of them that he sure that these dogs can find Bigfoot as well!

Bradley Croft San Antonio
Bradley Croft San Antonio
Crime fighting superdogs!
Brad is not a formal military personnel or a civilian policeman himself, but he has trained with the best of the Civilian Police K-9 and MWD trainers which is why he can train the dogs with ease.These dogs have been trained in drugs detection, explosive detection and even scent tracking. Everything the purebreds are capable of doing Universal K-9 dogs can do equally well if not better.

Personal protection the adorable way
The world has now become a bad place with absolutely no security. In such a scenario is only logical to keep a trained dog for protection. Brad's company has exactly done that. They have trained many dogs for personal protectioninside the house, in a vehicle or even at command. They are trained so that they are ready to protect their owners in every possible way at the same time they do not turn against their owners. Most people prefer guns but sometimes dogs are safer and better because they are extremely loyal and are ready to react even in the extreme situations. But these dogs are not all work and no play, they have been trained to be cute and cuddly pets as well. Brad Croft has let a lot of dogs live and has given so many orphaned dogs a family. We are so caught up in our lives that we fail to regard animals as living beings. But Brad Croft restored our faith in humanity and showed us how faulty our ways have been. He has been an inspiration for everyone.

Brad Croft - The Man Who Is Human in True Sense in San Antonio

Brad Croft San Antonio
Brad Croft San Antonio

The story so far...

All around the U.S. the police departments have been using special Purebred dogs to fight crimes. These dogs are specially trained in Europe and cost the police departments thousands of dollars. Brad Croft took a number of dogs from shelters, mostly from the South and with the help of military trained staff trained them. These dogs have now become as efficient as any other purebred dog. They work just as hard and they are just as capable Brad observed. When questioned about his dogs' ability Brad confidently replies that his dogs can even find Bigfootif there is in fact a Bigfoot! In fact, Brad and his staff have successfully tracked the biggest Gorilla along with grizzly bears, wolverines and even endangered kit foxes with the help of Orbee, the Gorilla scat-sniffing dog.

Dogs for fighting crimes

He, along with his staff trains these dogs in drug detection, explosive detection and other works such as scent tracking. It takes them about 8weeks or more to train these dogs properly. And after they are training the dogs they delivered these dogs to the police departments for free. Brad Croft along with his staff has saved around 100 dogs, though the number of dogs put down every year still remains a staggering 945,000. It is not much, but he has made a beginning. After all baby steps only lead to the gold medal. One thing is for certain and that is, Brad is bringing about a vast change in the community by saving these innocent dogs and keeping the police departments thousands of bucks. Moreover, the best part is that sometimes these dogs end up being the part of the lives of many police families, which is the best gift anybody can give these orphaned dogs.

Dogs for personal protection

But Brad doesn't stop at that; his society has trained many dogs for personal security as well. These dogs are trained to protect their owners in different practical situations such as, inside the house, in a vehicle or even at command. In a world where the crime rate is growing exponentially it is only logical to have some personal protection and what can be better than a trained dog! In fact, Brad himself prefers a trained dog with a gun. But the best part of these dogs is that they are not just trained to be guard dogs, they have been trained to be petted as well. Safety in a cute and cuddly package, nobody can resist that.

Brad Croft San Antonio with his dedication and noble dream has proved that the world can be a better place and all it takes is a little effort. He is an inspiration for everyone who wants to change the world.

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Alberto Juarbe
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He has a passion for what he does and loves helping others even if its outside of the scope of the project.. Super focused very ethical.

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