Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Brad Croft - The Man Who Is Human in True Sense in San Antonio

Brad Croft San Antonio
Brad Croft San Antonio

The story so far...

All around the U.S. the police departments have been using special Purebred dogs to fight crimes. These dogs are specially trained in Europe and cost the police departments thousands of dollars. Brad Croft took a number of dogs from shelters, mostly from the South and with the help of military trained staff trained them. These dogs have now become as efficient as any other purebred dog. They work just as hard and they are just as capable Brad observed. When questioned about his dogs' ability Brad confidently replies that his dogs can even find Bigfootif there is in fact a Bigfoot! In fact, Brad and his staff have successfully tracked the biggest Gorilla along with grizzly bears, wolverines and even endangered kit foxes with the help of Orbee, the Gorilla scat-sniffing dog.

Dogs for fighting crimes

He, along with his staff trains these dogs in drug detection, explosive detection and other works such as scent tracking. It takes them about 8weeks or more to train these dogs properly. And after they are training the dogs they delivered these dogs to the police departments for free. Brad Croft along with his staff has saved around 100 dogs, though the number of dogs put down every year still remains a staggering 945,000. It is not much, but he has made a beginning. After all baby steps only lead to the gold medal. One thing is for certain and that is, Brad is bringing about a vast change in the community by saving these innocent dogs and keeping the police departments thousands of bucks. Moreover, the best part is that sometimes these dogs end up being the part of the lives of many police families, which is the best gift anybody can give these orphaned dogs.

Dogs for personal protection

But Brad doesn't stop at that; his society has trained many dogs for personal security as well. These dogs are trained to protect their owners in different practical situations such as, inside the house, in a vehicle or even at command. In a world where the crime rate is growing exponentially it is only logical to have some personal protection and what can be better than a trained dog! In fact, Brad himself prefers a trained dog with a gun. But the best part of these dogs is that they are not just trained to be guard dogs, they have been trained to be petted as well. Safety in a cute and cuddly package, nobody can resist that.

Brad Croft San Antonio with his dedication and noble dream has proved that the world can be a better place and all it takes is a little effort. He is an inspiration for everyone who wants to change the world.
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